One of my favourite photo locations is the magnificent Widden Stud, located in the Widden Valley in the Hunter Valley Region of New South Wales.

Each year I spend a few days on the farm to photograph the Stallions, Foals, Weanlings, Yearlings and the Farm in general.  Once my Shoots are finished, I drive around the farm “chasing the light” which changes quickly and dramatically.  It’s always a race to find the best place epseiclly late afternoon for that “golden light” and to each year come up with unique imagery.

The key, PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE.  You can never expect to simply walk up to a paddock, pick up your camera, press the shutter and have a great image.  I’ve spent countless hours at Widden just sitting in paddocks with mares and foals, waiting for just the right light and just the right moments to happen.

With the Sydney Inglis Sale approaching, I was keen this year to photograph the yearlings heading off to the sales.  Keen to photograph each yearling differently, not only to showcase the qualities of the yearlings but at the same time, to showcase the beauty that is Widden Stud.

So, that brings me to Part 1 of my Widden Shoot – The Yearlings