Last year I was commissioned by Inglis to provide Art Work for their new Hotel at Riverside Stables, Warwick Farm for both the Restaurant and the Library.

Inglis were keen to showcase the Beauty of the Thoroughbred and we worked together to come up with a series of images that would showcase the Thoroughbred in a different way than the normal Racing Image.  Images that would show the beauty and the power of the horse and be artwork for all to enjoy.

The “Hose Down” series can be seen in the Restaurant and are larger than life, printed on canvas with a box frame.

As part of the commission, the beautiful Library that showcases many historical catalogues and other items needed some imagery to adorn the bookcase.  A series of Eye, Hoof and “Equine Meets Canine” were selected.

“The Stallion” and the “Mare and Foal” are featured in the Bookcase adjoining the Spiral Staircase.

I am thrilled to be able to showcase these images on such a grand scale and the design team at Inglis have done an incredible job to bring these images to life.